How to Remove “AskSearchAsst.ini”

AskSearchAsst.ini is a trojan which is primarily used by hackers to steal passwords, banking information and other user credentials to steal money. The threat level for this said virus is high because it is made to steal sensitive user date and more advanced versions of capable of sending them remotely to third parties. The trojan program is subtle and will not show visual symptoms like popups or error messages but occasionally it might occur. In other cases, symptoms include freezing applications, improper program response, slow computing and improper registry entries. The program is not associated with any windows files or other processes which makes it easy to remove. Never try to delete the file directly from the folder because such important files will always have their entries stored in the registry and will remove in improper uninstallation. Go to the control and choose add or remove programs option. There you will be able to locate the AskSearchAsst.ini which you can uninstall properly. Run a scan at regular intervals and never miss a schedule to be on the safer side. Also, remove unwanted entries as they will clog up system resources with time. Be careful with this trojan which sends anonymous credentials and has the capability to compromise your accounts completely.
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