How to Remove “ECTrans.dll”

What is ECTrans.dll?

The file named ECTrans.dll is developed by an unknown developer. The program is not properly associated with any particular software. Lack of developer support and security updates make it unreliable. The file is not part of malware or Trojan attacks in the past, as confirmed by past scan reports. The threat level of the file is 1.

ECTrans.dll is located in c:\windows\system32. The total size of the file and the last identified version is not known. It is a non-system process which is not mandatory for Windows operating system to run efficiently. Disabling or removing it from the operating system will not cause any adverse effects.

Affected Platform: Windows OS

How to check if your computer is infected with ECTrans.dll malware?

Each malware is different and causes unique problems to the system. You will notice one or several of the following symptoms if your system is infected with ECTrans.dll malware:

  • Internet connection fluctuates
  • ECTrans.dll file is taking more of your CPU memory
  • System performance is very low
  • Browser is redirected to some strange websites
  • Interference of annoying popup ads
  • Other malwares infiltrate into the system

To further establish the malware infection, take the following steps:

  • Go to Task Manager by pressing the combination of keys ctrl+alt+del
  • Go to the process tab and right-click on the ECTrans.dll and open the file location

If the file is located outside C:\Windows\System32, then it is likely that the system is affected with ECTrans.dll malware.

How to remove ECTrans.dll malware from system using Comodo Antivirus?

Ideally, replacing the existing ECTrans.dll file on your computer with a different version procured from the internet is advisable. To remove the file using Comodo's trusted and effective antivirus software, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download the award-winning Comodo Free Antivirus.

Step 2: Installation configuration frames will be displayed. Select the configuration you would like to apply.

Step 3: Select Customize Configuration option and arrange installers, configuration, and file location.

Step 4: Once the Installation is Finished, restart your PC.

Step 5: It will take some time for the Comodo Internet Security to update the antivirus.

Step 6: Proceed with a quick scan that automatically begins after the update.

Step 7: If threats are found during the scanning, you will be prompted with an alert screen.

Step 8: Comodo Antivirus will remove ECTrans.dll malware from your computer including all other malwares!