How to Remove “AdminDEU.dll”

What is AdminDEU.dll?

The file named AdminDEU.dll is developed by Intel Corporation and is an officially certified program from a reputed brand. It is an administrative tool application which has been certified clean. The developer regularly monitors the program to prevent any third parties or Trojans from taking it over. 

The file AdminDEU.dll is located in C:\Program Files\intel\wireless\bin\admindeu.dll. The latest product version is 9.0 and it is primarily used to seek Windows service assistances. It is a background process which doesn’t affect the operating system if stopped. The program is used in XP among other older Windows operating systems and is not a mandatory tool in latest versions of the OS. 

Affected Platform: Windows OS

How to find if system is affected by AdminDEU.dll malware?

1. Open the task manager to check if the DLL program is running in the background. 

2. Check the total RAM memory the process uses and if it is associated with any other important program. 

3. If it displays too much RAM usage or if your PC crashes, shows error messages or lags, there’s a high possibility of a malware infection.

4. Corrupt registry entries, system crash and other common issues can also be associated with the possibility of the malware.

How to remove AdminDEU.dll malware from system using Comodo Antivirus?

Ideally, replacing the existing AdminDEU.dll file on your computer with a different version procured from the internet is advisable. To remove the file using Comodo's trusted and effective antivirus software, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download the award-winning Comodo Free Antivirus.

Step 2: Installation configuration frames will be displayed. Select the configuration you would like to apply.

Step 3: Select Customize Configuration option and arrange installers, configuration, and file location.

Step 4: Once the Installation is Finished, restart your PC.

Step 5: It will take some time for the Comodo Internet Security to update the antivirus.

Step 6: Proceed with a quick scan that automatically begins after the update.

Step 7: If threats are found during the scanning, you will be prompted with an alert screen.

Step 8: Comodo Antivirus will remove AdminDEU.dll malware from your computer including all other malwares!

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