How to Remove “ASUS.XRM-MS”

ASUS.xrm-ms is a highly dangerous trojan program used by malware developers and hackers. The trojan helps them to steal bank information and user name as well as passwords of accounts in bulk. Because of its threat nature, the program is blocked by all antivirus programs and vendors. It is added to the blacklist of all major labs and whenever it is detected in your computer during a scan, the AV will definitely remove it completely. Quarantining the file is not the best choice because if it comes into your storage drive again, it may login your credentials and send it anonymously to a third party. Avoid it by deleting this file as soon as you encounter it. Unlike other virus or trojans, ASUS.xrm-ms is not so evident and it is made to operate in a subtle manner. Make sure you run a complete scan because the file may be stored in more than one location and will continue to infect your system even after the first version is removed. Usually, there are no alternate copies or variants found but scanning all local drives is a must to remove this trojan. Always keep your computer clean and make sure to use control panel, add or remove programs options when uninstalling files. Empty registries found in Windows folders are usually targeted by such viruses.
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