How to Remove “Ctl3d32.dll.Win95”

What is Ctl3d32.dll.Win95 ?

The file named Ctl3d32.dll.Win95 is developed by an unknown developer. The program has not been hijacked or used in any form of virus attack in the past based on scans. However, it doesn’t receive security patches making it a potential threat. The threat level of the program is at 3 due to lack of support.

Ctl3d32.dll.Win95 is located in c:\windows\system32. The total size of the file and the latest version of the file is unknown. It is considered to be safe but is always a potential threat for malware and Trojans. The program is a non-system process which can be deleted without having an adverse effect on the performance of the operating system.

Affected Platform: Windows 95,98,ME

How to check if your computer is infected with Ctl3d32.dll.Win95 malware?

Keep an eye for the following symptoms to check if your PC is infected with Ctl3d32.dll.Win95 malware:

  • Unstable internet connection
  • Browser redirects to unwanted websites
  • PC performance slows down
  • Browser is bombarded with hordes of popup ads
  • System screen freezes repeatedly

If you find any of the above mentioned symptoms, take the following steps to be sure about the malware infection:

  • Press CTRL+ALT+DEL keys to open Task Manager.
  • Go to the process tab and right-click on the Ctl3d32.dll.Win95 file and open its location.

If the file is located outside C:\Program Files, then you should take measures to get rid of the malware.

How to remove Ctl3d32.dll.Win95 malware from system with Comodo Cleaning Essentials?

Comodo Cleaning Essentials (CCE) incorporates antivirus software with unique features like auto-sandboxing to identify and obstruct every suspicious process running on an endpoint with a single click. To remove Ctl3d32.dll.Win95 malware using CCE, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Download the CCE suite.

Step 2: To start the application, double-click on the CCE.exe file.

Step 3: It then probes the antivirus to initiate a full system scan to identify and remove any existing malicious files.

Step 4: If threats are found during the scanning, you will be prompted with an alert screen.

Step 5: Comodo Cleaning Essentials will remove Ctl3d32.dll.Win95 malware from your computer including all other malwares!