AUTHAPP_HEADER.JPG is a trojan which is found in the computer in .jpg or a photo format. The advantage of this program is that it is not an integral system process and will not make a difference if you choose to delete it, if found malicious. The file will sometimes run in the background automatically and is not directly linked to Windows operating system or other important processes. If you find the program consuming too much of memory, you should delete it. It is a small program and is not supposed to be using all your CPU resources. Only spyware infected ones will be doing such activities. System not responding, occasional crashing and frozen operating systems are some common symptoms of the presence of AUTHAPP_HEADER.JPG virus or trojan. The origin of the product is unknown and it will mostly be not more than 2.5 mb unless infected by other malicious software programs. You can remove it using control panel add remove program options because doing the right way will avoid leaving invalid registry entries which are capable of causing trouble in the future and also save space occupied by unwanted leftout programs. The file has not received a complete security rating yet but it moderately harmful according to analysis.
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