How to Remove “BADBOY.COM”

What is is a virus that infects .COM programs. When a infected program is initially executed the virus installs itself in the system memory and becomes memory resident. When the  COMMAND.COM and other .COM programs are executed they get infected. 

Infected programs will contain the following text, but the text will not be displayed.
"The halt your system ..."
"The virus, Copyright (C) 1991."

Affected Platform: Windows OS

How to check if your computer is infected with malware?       

A system is infected with malware could demonstrate the following symptoms: 

  • System performance is very low and it would hang; This hanging takes place at random. The virus would then scroll several screens of characters and then halt the system
  • free memory and  system memory would decrease
  • .EXE files will grow in size

How to remove malware from system using Comodo Antivirus?

The virus can be removed using Comodo's trusted and effective antivirus software, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download the award-winning Comodo Free Antivirus.

Step 2: Check on the “Do not detect new networks again” option when Comodo Internet Security internal firewall activates the network detection process.

Step 3: After network detection is complete, press “Close” button for a scan window.

Step 4: Restart your PC.

Step 5: It will take some time for the Comodo Internet Security to update the antivirus.

Step 6: Proceed with a quick scan that automatically begins after the update.

Step 7: If threats are found during the scanning, you will be prompted with an alert screen.

Step 8: Comodo Antivirus will remove malware from your computer including all other malwares!