How to Remove “ANTIPODE.ASM”

ANTIPODE.ASM is confirmed to be a virus with a high threat alert rating. The program is capable of hiding behind other software programs and will automatically execute itself when the original folder is being opened. The infected file is hard to find because it is programmed to find hidden folders and places in the storage where users or scanning systems won't be able to find it easily. While a proper antivirus program can find it, there are other methods which will help you remove it completely from the system when conventional methods won't work. It also has the feature to self replicate or duplicate itself so as to infect further. The ANTIPODE.ASM is an extremely critical virus which if not removed in time, will replicate itself and occupy more areas within your computer. The common file names in which this file is identified include antipode, antipode.scr among others. The .asm extension is prevalent among its majority of instances and comes under the spyware, malware category. Make sure to clean your computer regularly and also delete obselete registry entries. Whenever there are too many unwanted files in a computer, it is prone to get attacked and will make it an easier place for virus or other malicious codes to embed themselves.
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