Common Malware Symptoms

While these types of malware differ greatly in how they spread and infect computers, they all can produce similar symptoms. Computers that are infected with malware can exhibit any of the following symptoms:

  • Increased CPU usage

    A high CPU usage can be one main cause of malware interference. However malware attack is not the only the reason but there are some authorized files that involves a high CPU usage as well. Some illegitimate files swamps up the CPU space to generate and replicate processes using computer resources. On the other hand the user cannot finalize that the high CPU usage is only because of malware there are yet other ways to understand that the computer is malware infected and yet there are few other reasons to count on.

  • Slow computer or web browser speeds

    Sometimes your system goes slow in performance. It takes ample time to boot up. After all the long wait, you will find each of the applications takes too long to start. It is normally the tendency of the malware to slow down the computer operations, operating system or sometimes the internet speed. If you are sure that there are no high end applications in your system or if there are no hardware issues affecting your drive that takes a chance to slow down the system, then it is high time to check if any suspecting malware infections exist.

Common Symptoms of Malware
  • Problems connecting to networks

    You might not be connected to the internet and you may not have any programs connected to the online servers to upload or download data but out of all this you see high network activity. This concludes the malware interference on your computer.

  • Freezing or crashing

    If your system incurs regular crashes or faces any Blue Screen Death much often, it proves that the system is malfunctioning against the normal operations. There are many reasons behind system crashes. If you reckon it as a technical issue and you find it not, then you can confirm it as a malware interference.

  • Strange Emails to your Friends without your Knowledge

    You might get to know from your friends that they are receiving suspicious mails from your mail id and social media accounts. You might be gob-smacked to hear the same as you would not have sent such mails. Check if the mails are sent from any of the applications or from your personal accounts. If it has been sent through application then it is out of control. If you find that the messages or mails are sent from your account then you need to take precautionary steps like setting complex and strong passwords, using two factor authentication and make sure you log out of your email or social media accounts.

  • Unusual Messages or Programs open Involuntarily

    When you find programs and messages to open and close instantly or your Windows shutting down automatically. You might find strange windows in the booting process This proves something wrong with the system. It might be a technical issue if not it is sure to be malware interference. Reinstalling the operating system is the is best considered in case of such malware issues.